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Can you cut ceramic tile with an oscillating tool?

The best oscillating tool can replace a usual tile nipper because this tool is useful for cutting the tile edges to shape it. Do not forget that this tool does not replace the wet tile saw, manual tile cutter and other tile cutting tools on the market. You can focus on the overall quality of the oscillating tool blades for ceramic tile cutting purpose and make an informed decision about how to properly use this tool.

This tool is very useful for people who wish to make both intricate and curve cut on the ceramic tiles. This affordable tool delivers the accurate result as expected by its users.

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How to properly use the oscillating tool

Many branded oscillating tools encourage people to explore, compare and narrow down the best tools. Almost every user of the first-class yet reasonable price of the oscillating tool can effectively use it for various applications. They can cut ceramic tile with a oscillating tool and get the desired end result. Once you have decided to cut tiles, make small cuts on the edges of tiles or cut holes in the tiles’ center, you can directly choose and use the oscillating tool designed and manufactured by the reputable company on the market.

The first step for cutting ceramic tile with oscillating tool is to outline the cut-out area. You have to properly measure and mark the area on the tile to cut before cutting the tile. Do not forget to use a permanent marker to mark on glossy tiles as usual pen or pencil may not work.

The next step is to fix the right blade. You have to install the ceramic cutting blade in your oscillating tool. Once you have done it, you have to put on the overall safety gears like goggles, respirator and ear plugs.

You can plug-in the multi-tool cord to the power socket and power the oscillating tool to check whether it works properly or not.

Get the best result

The next step is to slowly make the plunge cut along the marked line when you cut the wall tile. You have to place the spare tile on the workbench and gradually cut along the marked line. You must hold the tile firmly to get the best result at the end. You can gradually proceed and repeat the process to score into the tile’s front side. You have to clean off the dust along the way and complete the process till you complete cutting the marked line on the tile.