Importance of how to remove paint from plastic

Despite the wide range of plastic materials in various shades, often the consumer chooses a more difficult way of color matching for plastic products. Having picked up the liked color, he is engaged in painting independently. In this case, it is important to thoroughly clean the surface, remove all contaminants, including the remnants of the previous paint. Accordingly, the question arises of how to remove paint from plastic and not ruin anything.

Basic principles of plastic cleaning

Known cleaning methods to take paint off plastic, such as mechanical or thermal are not suitable for plastic surfaces. With mechanical action, damage to the web is inevitable, and the thermal method will cause structural changes, and the surface of the product will warp. How to remove paint from plastic without damaging it? The chemical method remains.


Chemical cleaning of plastic from paint

To decide how to remove paint from plastic, you need to choose the right active substance. This can be done only by correctly determining the physicochemical properties of the material. To do this, you need to find out which plastic is preparing for cleaning.

This task is facilitated if the product is marked. Knowing what type of material is being prepared for processing, you can choose an effective substance and determine how to remove the paint from the plastic in each case. You can even get spray paint off plastic as well.

Preparatory work on cleaning the surface of plastic from paint In order to decide how to remove paint from plastic, you need to know the composition of the previous surface coating. For water-based paint, it is enough to conduct a slight heating of the surface. The temperature should not exceed 70 C

For other coatings, the appropriate reagent is selected, since heating for them will be ineffective. Choosing how to remove the paint from the plastic without damaging it, you can proceed to the operation itself. This require clean surface of dust and dirt prepare a respirator or gauze dressings stock up with brushes to remove paint. Safety precautions require the use of rubber gloves when working with solvents. The room should be well ventilated.

Technology for cleaning plastic surfaces from paint Consider how to remove paint from plastic at home. The surface must be completely immersed in the chemical composition that was determined the day before.

A few hours is enough for the old paint to begin to bubble and lag behind the surface.

Finishing is conveniently done with an old toothbrush. The choice of composition for cleaning is wide enough. Well clean the plastic surfaces of white spirit, solvent, acetone. The unconventional use of substances such as brake fluid or a composition for cleaning sewer pipes also gives a good result as paint remover for plastic.