Wonder why you need to remove tree stumps?

Tree stumps can be unsightly and stain in a well-maintained garden. If you decide to fell a tree, you must also plan to remove the stump. There is no constraint as to when to choose to grind a stump or remove the tree stump since you can do it at any time of the year.

However, it is best to do this during the summer, because the days are longer and you enjoy more daylight to do this work. You can also grow new plants almost immediately in the hole left by the tree.

Why remove tree stumps?


Tree stumps not only affect the appearance of your garden, they can also be troublesome depending on their location. Most of the time, they must be removed in order to gain more space in the garden.

If the stump is completely dead, no shoot will form, but it can be host to a number of diseases such as armillary, a fungus that can affect some other plants in your garden. You can identify it if you notice fungal growth between the bark and the wood, usually at ground level. The only way to avoid this problem is to grind a tree stump or burn the plant.

Techniques for removing strains

In reality, removing a tree stump is not particularly complicated, although it can be long and tiring depending on the method used. There are also root-killing chemicals that can speed up the process, but they can contaminate the soil for a long time once the stump is removed. In addition, here are some safe and natural ways to remove tree stumps:

1. Kill the tree

A dead tree will be much easier to remove since the roots will wilt and the wood will often break up easily. However, while it may be easy to remove a dead tree, it may take a long time to do so. Some methods require that the strain be left in place for weeks or even months, so it will come off more easily than removing it manually.

2. Using a winch

Use a winch to make your job much easier. However, before anything else, you must understand how to use it safely. There are electric and ratchet winches. Attach it to a stable, stationary object such as a surrounding tree that you do not want to cut. If you use another tree as the attachment point, be sure to use wooden piles to prevent the winch from damaging the tree.


3. Using a shredder

The shredder or using a stump grinder is one of the only custom-made machines you can use for this type of work. Rental can be expensive, but it greatly facilitates the task. If you choose this solution, be sure to use appropriate safety equipment such as hearing protection and eye protection.

4. Manual extraction

If the stump is not too big, you can remove it yourself with some tree stump machine and elbow grease. It can be a demanding task that requires a lot of endurance, so be sure to be ready for intense work. You will feel it in your arms afterwards.